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Vero Amplifiers since 1997


The Company was formed by brothers Steve and Chris along with the late John Madigan, in the interest of raising the level of electric guitar  amplifiers both in sound and appearance.
The core of the Vero philosophy is that it always be a very high quality product which possesses the tone and appearance to elevate its art.
Musicians are artistic people. It is our belief that musicians have the ability to recognize and appreciate works of artistic quality as do their audiences. Audiences have a great capacity to discern good tone as well as appreciate things of beauty. The creation and enjoyment of art is one of the most enduring and worthwhile endeavors known to humans. We are not convinced that everything in life is a commodity nor should it be made or purchased as cheaply as possible. Items of true quality are made to be with you for a lifetime.
Give it some thought and you may come to realize that life is simply too short to waste living with uninspiring mass produced amplifiers that are ultimately destined for a landfill. The idea of beautiful, yet functional art has been a mainstay in the world of guitars but this idea has been mostly lost on instrument amplifiers, until Vero.


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