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Chicago Zephyr


The beauty of the new Vero Chicago Zephyr lies deep beneath its stunning cabinetry. We are most proud of the fact that this amplifier delivers inspiring tone. Only then was it fit to be dressed up in our original and unique cabinets. Although the tones may be familiar at first, we invite you to directly compare the Chicago Zephyr to the amplifier that you think it resembles. The Vero Chicago Zephyr fits into the category of mid powered amplifiers while excelling at the execution. Output is 45 watts RMS. It is versatile while retaining dynamics and tone. The amplifier will cut through a noisy band while maintaining a distinctively crisp smoothness.

The Chicago Zephyr's central voice was inspired by American amplifiers from the mid 1960's. You can dial in tones suitable to any electric guitar and most any style of music. Expanded flexibility is made possible by our Range control feature. This allows you to vary the frequency at which the Middle control operates, making the amplifier even more versatile. This feature along with the practical tone controls allows the Chicago Zephyr to deliver a wide range of classic tones, all with reverb.

Having a wide variety of tones is not enough. You also need a feel. To get a good feel, we added a Damp control feature which allows you to dial in variable degrees of speaker damping. Damping changes the feel of the amplifer. The extreme setting would give you a loose feel more like an early 50's tweed unit.

The Vero Chicago Zephyr has a few surprises built in. Important performance parts like transformers, and speakers are of a higher grade than you will find in most other amplifiers. Our "Smooth Electric Power" tm circuit smooths the response and enhances the amplifier performance.

Tone, reliability, flexibility and the most classy looking amp cabinet out there, makes this Vero a great choice for the accomplished player. Fabulous tone wrapped in high style, no matter what style of music you play. The Chicago Zephyr has a voice which is, as all things Vero.......True.

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